Blog Tour – No Bodies

19th October – 1st November 2017 – the No Bodies blog tour

With grateful thanks to Caroline Vincent of Bits about Books.

No Bodies blog tour poster

19th October 2017 A brilliant read’ says Black Books Blog on Day One of the No Bodies blog tour. 5-stars

20th October 2017‘No Bodies’ is an exciting and fast-paced read with a number of twists and turns. I really hope there are more books in this series to come. Robert Crouch is fast becoming a favourite author, says A Lover of Books on Day Two of the No Bodies blog tour. 5-stars

21st October 2017 – find out more about the inspiration and creation of Kent Fisher in a guest post on Love Books Group on Day Three of the No Bodies blog tour.

22nd October 2017 – ‘Kent Fisher is a wonderful creation and unique in crime literature … Fun. Enjoyable. Entertaining and begging to be adapted for TV!‘ says  Booksaremycwtches on Day Four of the No Bodies blog tour.

23rd October 2017 – ‘This book has so many plots and sub stories running along side each other, with the author putting many interesting and varied angles into this story, they kept me gripped from start to finish, and did not want to put it down at all,’ says, Me and My Books  on Day Five of the No Bodies blog tour

24th October 2017 –  The author has maintained his easy writing style with a mix of humour thrown in … I enjoyed No Bodies and look forward to catching up with Kent again,’ says Ali The Dragon Slayer on Day Six of the No Bodies blog tour.

25th October 2017– from The Famous Five to Miss Marple – my influences and more in an interview with Ronnie Turner on Day Seven of the No Bodies blog tour.

26th October 2017 – ‘No Bodies has a brilliantly executed, multi-layered and intriguing plot which had me hooked from start to finish as I found myself trying to figure out the pieces of the puzzle‘, says Novel Deelights on Day Eight of the No Bodies blog tour.

27th October 2017 –  ‘Once you start, not only will you quickly fall in love with Fisher’s character and lively passion, you will inevitably be entranced with the journey (along with hardships) that Fisher faces.‘ says CJPPublishing on Day Nine of the No Bodies blog tour.

28th October 2017 –  ‘The well-written story is fast-paced and left me with more questions with every page turned; needless to say I read the book in one session. What an ending, wow! ‘ says Bits About Books on Day Ten of the No Bodies blog tour

29th October 2017 – No police. No private eye. No murder. The origins of the Kent Fisher mysteries in a guest post on Linda’s Book Bag on Day Eleven of the No Bodies blog tour.

30th October 2017 – ‘The author handles his writing deftly and the story is very funny, witty and full of sharp observations. I really enjoy this series and look forward to more,’  says Kath Middleton Books on Day Twelve of the No Bodies blog tour.

31st October 2017‘No Bodies is extremely well written, the author’s experience in the field of environmental health clearly comes through and it’s a very intriguing and entertaining read,’ says My Reading Corner on Day Thirteen of the No Bodies blog tour.

1st November 2017 – ‘There are many hidden depths to No Bodies, the plot is intriguing in how Robert manages to run more than one plotline simultaneously, some parallel, some cross-over, each one bringing another spin to the plot, making No Bodies a book which will be hard for any reader to put down,’ says Sweet Little Book on Day Fourteen, the final day of the No Bodies blog tour.