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‘Robert Crouch is fast becoming a favourite author.’
Sonya Alford, A Lover of Books

Ever since I read Enid Blyton’s Famous Five series as a child, I’ve loved mysteries and wanted to write them. Miss Marple and Inspector Morse, with their complex stories and plots, only increased that desire.

But it was Sue Grafton’s wonderful series about private investigator, Kinsey Millhone, that inspired me to try a fresh approach to the traditional murder mystery.

No one had written about an environmental health officer solving murders.

It took a few years for the idea and character to develop. It took few more to write a credible crime novel that would entertain and intrigue the whole family. But when No Accident was first published, the response from readers showed there was room in the market for something a little different.

The environmental health background seems popular with readers because it provides glimpses into a relatively unknown world, adding an extra dimension to the mysteries.

Robert with harvey
Robert with Harvey, aka Columbo

Like me, Kent Fisher’s a passionate environmentalist and animal lover with a keen sense of fair play and justice.

Since hanging up my white coat and probe thermometer, I’ve become a full-time writer, drawing inspiration from writers like Peter James, Dick Francis, Agatha Christie, LJ Ross, Rachel Amphlett and Robin Roughley, as I hope my book reviews show.

Life as a published author on the Sussex coast of England is no dog’s life, but my West Highland White Terrier, Harvey, shares my love of the rolling hills and picturesque villages of the South Downs, which provide the setting for the Kent Fisher mysteries.

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