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Fete accompli

Have you ever been to a village fete? No, me neither.

But that’s about to change on Saturday, 10th June 2017, when I will join fellow authors, Ellie Dean and Paul Nash, at Jevington Village Fete to chat to people and sign and sell a few books hopefully.

Naturally, I’ll have to wander around the various stalls and attractions, eating too much of the wrong foods, throwing balls at coconuts, while dodging the parade of dogs in fancy dress. Don’t get me wrong, I love dogs, but dressing them up doesn’t seem right somehow.

Or am I being a bit of a killjoy?

Harvey, my unadorned Westie, will be there in his official capacity as Kent Fisher’s sidekick, Columbo, pulling in the crowds as he gets more attention than me, and rightly so.

So, what’s drawn me out of Crouch Corner to peddle my books at a village fete?

Like the ramblers, hikers and runners, I love Jevington and have good friends in the village. It’s picturesque and peaceful, packed with flint cottages, riding stables, and the beautiful St Andrew’s church. I’m sure the annual village fete brings villagers together to celebrate their niche in the South Downs.

And I mustn’t forget the Eight Bells, the pub at the centre of the village. I’ve inspected its kitchens many times in my environmental health days and eaten a few meals there. It’s also Kent Fisher’s local watering hole, even though he doesn’t drink alcohol. And like me he often runs through the village and up and down the torturous hills on either side.

Jevington also features in the Kent Fisher Mysteries, making its first appearance in the opening novel, No Accident.

In No Bodies, the second mystery, due out this year, there’s a certain irony when police find a body in a freezer in the village.

In No Remorse, the third mystery that I’m currently writing, Jevington plays a bigger role in Kent’s busy life.

Now it’s my turn to appear in Jevington. Having printed flyers and the main banner for the stall and sent a press release to the local newspapers, it’s fingers crossed for decent weather this Saturday.

And who knows, a fete might find its way into a future Kent Fisher mystery. With all the rivalries, jealousies and passions in a village, a fete could be the perfect place for a spot of fictional murder.

I’ll be keeping my eyes and ears open for ideas and inspiration this Saturday, that’s for sure.

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