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Take No Chance on Me


With apologies to Abba this week for mangling the title of their brilliant No 1 hit.


After editing and revising No Bodies last week it was time to sit and think about the third Kent Fisher mystery, provisionally titled No Chance. With only a vague idea about a murder in a residential care/nursing home, I began to wonder who the victim was and why he was killed.

It was great to write with a fountain pen and scribble the flurry of ideas onto a pad. There’s something organic and tactile about a pen that’s not present with a keyboard. Let’s hope I can still read the notes when I return to them next week to flesh out the four or five suspects I need.

Having written a few opening paragraphs for the story, I might post them in my monthly newsletter, the Tollingdon Tribune. Just sign up on the form at the bottom of this post for your sneak preview.

No Accident received its first review of 2017, and what a fantastic one it was –

‘Environmental Health Officer, Kent Fisher, is a rebel who questions everything – even when the facts seem blatantly obvious.

Called in to confirm an industrial accident his instincts lead him to confront his superiors and the police as he treads his own path in an investigation that others believe pointless. Set amid the Sussex Downs and using real locations, in the style of Peter James, Robert Crouch brings us a intriguing plot with interesting, well-rounded characters. The deeper Kent Fisher digs into the past , the more dangerous his personal situation becomes.

If you enjoy the twists and turns of a story that would do justice to Agatha Christie and a love of amusing one liners then this book is for you.

With his intimate knowledge of Environmental Health procedures and his cynical approach to authority the author has ensured this first Kent Fisher mystery will keep you hooked and looking forward to his next case.’

Talking of murder, I’m thoroughly enjoying Robin Roughley’s second DS Lasser book, The Way that it Falls. Like his first, The Needle House, this is a terrific tale about an almost innocuous robbery at a jeweller’s shop that mushrooms out of control as the repercussions bite.

Should be finished soon and ready to write the review and add it to the Views page on my website. My book reviews from the past 12 months are now loaded, so why not take a look and see if there’s a book or author that takes your fancy.

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