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Location, Location, Location

Every location is unique. And every writer has a different perspective.

Trip FictionBring the two together and you should have endless possibilities. This is part of the appeal of tripfiction, a website which lets you get to know a holiday location through novels that are set there.

It’s an intriguing concept, suggesting holiday reading about the place you’re visiting, which means –

  • you get the chance to see a different, maybe unique, side to the location
  • you can find places and sights not in the holiday guides
  • the story and your reading experience is enhanced by being in the place it’s set

In addition, people review the novels suggested to give you a better idea of what you can expect.

Tripfiction has just accepted a feature with photographs about the South Downs in East Sussex and No Accident. I highlight some of the places and sights that inspired me to create the characters and the settings they live and work in.

For instance, did you know that Sherlock Holmes retired to the village of East Dean in East Sussex?

This discovery inspired me to create my sleuth, Kent Fisher.

You can check the evidence when the article is online at tripfiction or take a look at the villages page on my website.


Death in ParadiseTalking of locations, isn’t Saint Marie, setting for the brilliant Death in Paradise, simply … paradise? Okay, with the number of murders there it might not be the safest place to visit, but what a fantastic tonic for cold winter nights.

While the plots are complex, and often mind-boggling, it’s the characters and interplay between them that lifts the show into the ‘must see’ category. Among the horrors and tragedy of murder, we get humour, pathos and now romance.


And then there’s Endeavour, or Young Morse, as I like to call it. All the splendour of Oxford’s honey coloured buildings and colleges, together with late 1960s clothes, cars and culture. Bliss!



Are you a fan of either show? What do you enjoy about them?

Death on a dirty afternoon

I’ve just finished this terrific murder mystery novel from Colin Garrow. It features wise cracking taxi driver, Terry Bell, forced to turn detective to solve a death and a murder linked to people he knows. Located around Gateshead and Newcastle, this is a treat from start to finish and heartily recommended.

If you’re interested, check out the book and my review on Amazon.

No mercy

I returned to No Bodies, the second Kent Fisher mystery, this morning after a five-week break. I hadn’t intended to leave it this long before starting the second edit and rewrite, but in some ways it’s allowed me to get distance and perspective.

As soon as I started reviewing what I’d written, I found plenty to sharpen and improve in the first two chapters. By lunchtime, I’d removed 500 words without mercy.

And good news for those who enjoy the South Downs – the story is located mainly within the South Downs in Friston, Jevington and of course, Tollingdon.

I hope this will be good news for tripfiction fans when the book comes out later this year. More on that in the February edition of my email newsletter, The Tollingdon Tribune.

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