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It started with the Eastbourne Book Festival last Saturday, 19th November, and the chance to meet some local authors, such as Sheila Bugler, who writes crime, and James Lovegrove, who writes fantasy and Sherlock Holmes. Both gave excellent readings and talked about their work before answering questions from the small, but enthusiastic audience.

bugler lovegrove

Next year, I’m going for a speaking and reading slot.


christieAfter a long spell reading and reviewing crime novels and a short interlude moving into fantasy novels, I’m reading something for myself. I’m well into Agatha Christie’s, Nemesis, featuring Miss Marple. The TV version with Joan Hickson is quite different in many respects and if anything makes it easier for Miss Marple to solve the puzzles and the case. In the book, Miss Marple is more forgetful, but equally as sharp and incisive when it comes to getting information.

Though written in the style of its time – long sentences and paragraphs, large chunks of introspection – it’s still a most enjoyable read, especially as Miss Marple has much less to work with.

No Bodies

The first edit and rewrite is moving along well, with around 5,000 superfluous words removed to sharpen the plot and prose. Just like No Accident, I’m enjoying the editing because I can see the improvements. And knowing the whole story, I can see where to make changes, and where to improve. If I continue at this pace, I’ll be done in a couple of weeks.

Fisher’s Fables

Fisher’s Fables was published today on Amazon and will be free to download over the weekend of 26th and 27th November.

fables1While it’s a bit different, I’m sure it will give most people a chuckle or two as Kent and his dysfunctional team battle ineffective management, and anything else the world can throw at them.

The Fisher’s Fables blog ran from 2007 to 2014, when it inspired me to write a publishable version of No Accident. I have to say, the blog was some of the most enjoyable writing I ever did, especially when it developed into a mini sitcom. I can remember laughing, and crying on one occasion, as the characters and plots took hold of me.

Great times, captured now for everyone to enjoy.

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