A fresh approach to crime fiction

The mystery begins here …

Actually, it began on 31st March 2007. Why Sovereign Radio wanted to interview me was a bit of a mystery, but I strolled over to the studio to talk about the forthcoming ban on smoking in public places.

radioLater, I realised this would be a great subject for a blog. Blogging was
becoming popular on the internet, so I set up, Fisher’s Fables, launching with a short piece entitled, ‘Radio Celebrity’. Kent Fisher was the perfect character to talk about my experiences as an environmental health
officer and manager. Happy to take an irreverent poke at anything
involving management and local government, I couldn’t resist the
opportunity for some fun.

Over the years, Kent and the his team tackled all kinds of public health issues, often highlighting the absurdities of corporate management. Personal issues and relationships became part of the mix,
lifting the blog into the sphere of a mini sitcom.

By the time of ‘Projectile Working’, the last blog in 2014, I’d discovered my author voice. I revised and rewrote No Accident and the rest is history – as I hope someone will say in the future.

Then I thought – why not publish the blog as an eBook?

ebookWith some revising and updating, it would offer an entertaining and
humorous introduction to Kent Fisher and the gang and take them to the point where No Accident starts.

That’s the plan. I’ll let you know how it goes and if everything works out, I hope to offer advance copies to people on my Tollingdon Tribune mailing list, so why not sign up?


Please let me know what you think