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CanfieldA few years ago, Jeremy, a colleague and friend of mine, introduced me to Jack Canfield, author of The Success Principles. In his book, Jack talks about finding your true purpose in life and sets some questions to help you define it. Being environmental health officers (EHOs), we were
interested in improving public health.  Jeremy is an excellent speaker and trainer, who has influenced and helped many people to improve what they do.

However, I struggled to encapsulate public health into my purpose. No matter how I looked at my work and life, I continually came back to the same word – entertainer. You can educate and improve standards in an entertaining way, but is that entertainment?

No, this was just another prompt to put my efforts into writing, which is where my heart is. Now, looking at some of the wonderful feedback people are starting to share on Amazon and Facebook, it sounds like they are being entertained by No Accident. Like Agatha Christie, I want to give readers a good murder mystery that keeps them enthralled and guessing. As well as the contempory twist, you can learn a bit more about the work of environmental health officers, especially in No Bodies, the
second Kent Fisher novel, and the ones that will follow.

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And if you have the chance, take a look at Jack Canfield’s book.

Arrested Development

I’m approaching the climax of No Bodies, and hope to finish writing the first draft in the next two to three weeks. To make things as accurate and authentic as possible for readers, I visited the local
Custody Unit for a fascinating glimpse into how Sussex Police deal with suspects after arrested and during questioning. The atmosphere and facilities are far more interesting than the dramatised views we get from TV police shows.

My thanks to Sussex Police for giving me a view into their world.

For a while, I even started to feel like Peter James, who spends a lot of time researching with Sussex Police.

Going Live

Uckfield FMOn Thursday, 25th August, Stephan Butler of Uckfield FM will be interviewing me at 10.30am about my transition from EHO to author. My last interview was to talk about the introduction of the smoking ban in public places on
Sovereign Radio as it was then. That interview in 2007 started my blog, Fisher’s Fables, which indirectly led to No Accident.


HawthronsOn Friday, 26th August, at 3.30pm, I’m giving my first talk as an author at The Hawthorns in Eastbourne. If  want to come along, there’s an invite on Facebook. Alternatively, let me know via this blog or my website. Most of my previous talks have involved food hygiene or public health, so this will be a new and hopefully entertaining  experience.

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