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Feeling inspired

It should come as no surprise to learn that an author’s week is dominated by books.

Needle HouseIt started with Robin Roughley’s, The Needle House, which I’m
enjoying. While the author tends to overdo it a bit with his similes, he more than makes up for this with an involving and intriguing plot and
excellent characterisation throughout. I’d thoroughly recommend this book.

The story’s set around Horwich in Lancashire, not far from where I spent my youth, though the first memory jogged turned out to be the poultry slaughterhouse in nearby Westhoughton. I spent two days there, learning poultry inspection in a hot, steamy and noisy environment that stank of feathers and death. It was one of the joys of becoming an environmental health officer.


Talking of reminiscences, the second of my Tollingdon Tribune newsletters went out this week with a feature on my early student EHO days at Bury Metro. It started as a couple of memories, but after a few paragraphs, I realised I was heading into memoir territory. So, I’ve decided to continue the trip down memory lane for a few more newsletters. I have plenty of memories and some funny stories to tell, including the day I had to deal with a complaint about Dr Windbreaker’s Fart Powder.

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Pbck2.The paperback version of No Accident arrived this week, which means the waiting is finally over for those of you who reserved a copy. If you didn’t and you’re interested, please direct message me through my author page on Facebook or by the contact page on the website and I’ll be in touch. This offer only applies to the UK, I’m afraid.



Finally, the positive and enthusiastic reviews and feedback I’ve received for No Accident make my decision to become a full time author worthwhile. When the story was published, I had no idea whether people would like it or not. So naturally, I’m overwhelmed by the feedback to date. I hope those who’ve read and enjoyed it will let me know by commenting on this post or through social media
because this helps to inspire me as I write the second Kent Fisher novel, No Bodies. I’ve written about two-thirds of the first draft so far.

With a fair wind and inspiration, I hope to complete the story in September. It will then go on the shelf for a month so I can get some distance before I return to edit and revise it. I’ll use that time to research and work on plot ideas for book three, provisionally entitled, No Chance. It will centre on a residential care home, where lots of interesting people have lots of memories and histories to inspire another murder mystery. And if one of these people should die …

More next week.

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