A fresh approach to crime fiction

Not bad

On Monday morning, my wife burst into the bedroom, waving her phone. “You’re on Amazon,” she cried, showing me the Kindle page with No Accident. “Exciting, isn’t it?”

“Not bad,” I replied, my thoughts turning to updating my website with some direct links to Amazon and Nook. (Not bad is Crouchspeak for ‘pretty good’, by the way).

I spent the rest of Monday updating said website, creating author pages on Amazon US and UK, trying to the find the book on Apple, pushing out some posts on Facebook and tweeting on Twitter. All of which left no time for writing, which is not good.

Tuesday and I felt more relaxed, happy that people were downloading my book. Visits to the website increased, and the No Accident page was taking the lion’s share of the hits. I also managed a full morning of writing the first draft of No Bodies, the second novel, which is now about halfway completed.

Glastonbury (2)

Kent returned from Glastonbury (the town not the festival) after a run in with a mobile food trader that left him injured.

He arrived home for a dinner party, minutes before the first course was served, so plenty of tension there.



My first two reviews left me gobsmacked. Both readers awarded the book 5 stars, prompting another bout of posting and tweeting to share the good news. While I don’t expect everyone to give the book 5 stars, I hope people will review if they enjoyed the book. As most people are aware, reviews help others decide whether to buy a book, especially from an author they know nothing about. And above a certain number of reviews, I’m told, Amazon are more likely to promote the book, which is not bad.

logo-with-borderMy final task for the week was to put the finishing touches to my first newsletter, entitled The Tollingdon Tribune. It contains some news about No Accident; details of a beautiful walk with views across the Seven Sisters from Andy Novis, who runs the ‘Off The Bus’ website; a feature on creating characters, and I’ve added the first post I ever wrote for Fisher’s Fables, the blog that led to the current version of No Accident.

I’ll be emailing it to those who’ve subscribed tomorrow. As this is the first one, you might want to check your spam folder, just in case, and tell your email client to trust the sender.

If you haven’t subscribed yet, there’s a simple form on the main page of my website. I’ll only be emailing newsletters to subscribers and I will not share addresses or details with anyone.

So, that’s my first week as a published author in a nutshell. Was it how I imagined it would be?

Not bad, I’d say. Not bad at all.

Please let me know what you think